Monday, 11 July 2011

playful kiss♥

"i want to marry oh ha ni. if you were to approve, father."
"are you being serious now?"
"you already know, our Ha Ni is good at nothing."
"I know."
"and she is not very bright."
"I know."
"and she can't cook."
"I know it well."
"she is careless and accident prone."
"the best."
"even so, she is bright and is very good about doing the right thing. she has a cute side to her."
"yes, i know it very well."
"well, since Ha Ni likes you so much."


just wondering... how if there's someone who know all my  bad attitudes, but still love me, and still accepted me how the way i am. it might be too much sweet, just like how Baek Seung Jo loves Oh Ha Ni, no matter how bad Oh Ha Ni is she... 

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