Monday, 26 December 2011

Thankyou for filling my life with awesomeness :D

when i am alone and feel so un-important. when i am in the hustle but still feel alone and empty. when i am down, then no one there to cheer me up or just ask 'why? are you okay?'. when i am in the bad mood and no one can be my mood booster,  they always can and be there........

a. book

just wondering how a writer can write a story that can make you feel like you are in the story, see the incident directly and you can feel what a player(s) feel. if they are happy, you are happy, and if they are sad, you want to kill someone who make they sad.
thank you book for being my greatest mood booster when no one can be.

b. music

Depressed? Headphones in, volume up. ignore the world. and.......abrakadabra! my mood becomes better. some music have a lyrics that mean a lot for me, they can cheer me up and deleted my sadness.
thank you music for always be there when no one else did.

c. PC with internet connection.

a day without internett is like a year without rain. yes, i am addicted to you, internet connection. if i was in front of my pc i  look like completely an idiot. i don't know how time is it, because twitter tumblr blogger and facebook is too interesting to leave even for 1second to glance at the clock. i can findout someone news without fear of getting caught, that's my favourite part of internet, yes readers i am a stalker! *evil laugh* B-). thankyou for everyone that made internet. without it my life will be so emptyy! althought it give me a bad habit :-|