Saturday, 27 July 2013

Thankyou for Coming

22-07 | 09.09


I am so happy on that night, it’s not kind of romantic words or something, but you just made me laugh. And seeing your name in my phone screen always brought me a smile. And that eye to eye contact is yet so lovely.

So here it comes, the next day some people congratulate us just like we have done something big to this world, hahaha. They say all of the common things like longlast and it friends…. Until one of my friends chat me and said “ampun rek yang udah say bye bye sama *sensor*! Turut senang kamu udah nggak di[uh]permainkan lagi sama *sensor*. Longlast (dst)…”

She is right. Because maybe I would be still stuck in that suck place if you are not here so thankyou for coming. I am so glad, I wuf you no matter what they say.

Ps: kalo baca gausah komen ya lup!!-_-