Saturday, 9 November 2013

Hi again,

To be honest I miss writing a lot of my honest thoughts here, in my blog. when i got sad; happy; upset. when i am in my spirit and full-of-energy mood, when i am in my oh-so-mellow-dramatic-moments. or when i got super depressed and tired so being idgaf in almost everything. I miss writing.

I was enjoying my sunday morning treatments with a fight with you know who plus a cup of coffee when i accidentally open my old email address and got an email from someone who is doing an analysis for her proposal about "people who is blogging" and suddenly i remember about this blog and just want to post something here. I miss blogging.

I am not blogging for popularity, though. I just want to write and share with stranger(s) out there so here I am come with an un-important and random post (again) so hi, strangers; sorry for wasting your time for reading my meaningless post(s).

so, bye and see you soon.

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