Thursday, 9 May 2013

I found it!

You can see about my last post a few months ago, I talked about passion. about my confusion to choose between IPA/IPS. about my confusion with "where do I will go after this senior high?". I know that there is still 2 years time to think about it, but I want to find it quickly and right(to help me remove my laziness, seriously!). Then after doing some blogwalking.. searching about it in some source, I found out what I want to be right in the future... I want to be a psychiatrist, therefore I will choose IPA.

Most of people that I talked to about it respond with "psychiatrist? of course you have to go to IPS, not IPA!". well, I want to say that there is a plenty different between psychiatrist, and psychologist. If you want to be a  psychologist you have to take undergraduate in psychology and continue to take master degree profession in psychology to get your status as  psychologist, but..... if you want to be a psychiatrist, you have to take undergraduate in medical, do a practise for about three years to pass it, then take master degree in specialist mental and you are finally being a psychiatrist!
And I choose to be a psychiatrist :) because not only giving a solution with words and motivation like a psychologist did, a psychiatrist can give therapy and a medicine for those who have a mental disorder. from a blog that I've read it's also said that a psychiatrist can help those children who are not as lucky as the other children. and goddamn I do really want to help them!

I know it's really took a long time to finally being a psychiatrist, it's need about 12years... omg! and also isn't easy to take undergraduate in mediacal because most of students in Indonesia want it too. but just like my mom said "If you really do it with your heart and make it as your passion. if your faith is really to help and not looking for a money. you are will going to be able, no matter how long time it's needed, no matter how hard is it, to reach your dream."

I want to give them a life :)

P.s: Althought what I want is may change because the truth is  I am a labile and moody teenager
but this is my passion right now
In the name of Allah.. Bismillah :)

Monday, 6 May 2013

greetings in the night

Long time no see, readers!

It's been so long since my last post I think.. guess that I don't have an enough time to blogging again. I don't know that i am the one that too lazy to open and made some new post in my blog or I am just really busy or something.
Well I don't have too much to say. lately all of those things around me made me sick and tired. but feeling productive is a good thing rather than just laying in bed and doing absolutely nothing. you know that no one ever said "I regret my hardwork last night...." so do I.
I prefer to keep my mind busy with all of those things, so I just think that there will be no time for looOOO00ove maybe.. and once I realized that my life story especially about that thingy looOOO00ove is not for a public so I will stop post it on my blog (go read my old posts and find out that it's all about looOOO00ove story!!-_-)

By the way when I was looking for picture on weheartit to search some inspiration and I found these inspiring quotes so I just want to share maybe it will inspire you too :)

and this is for people that think someone who continued to work hard is not enjoying their life...

Well, It's 10:51 pm already  and I have to go to school (again!!) tomorrow..
So goodnight

P.s: I do really miss blogging :-( see you soon!